Bevis Hillier – Elgarado! How I Cracked Elgar’s Enigma

A mystery has perplexed and taunted music-lovers for over 120 years.

SIR EDWARD ELGAR always hinted that a well-known tune lay hidden at the heart of his Enigma Variations (1899).

What was the ‘Enigma’?

Over the years, various guesses have been made – some of them bizarre.

In this book, BEVIS HILLIER puts forward a totally new theory: that Elgar ‘encoded’ the tune of the old Welsh song ‘Men of Harlech’ in the Variations.

Advancing a series of powerful arguments, Hillier makes his case, not as a music academic, but in clear layman’s language and vivid prose.

It is a momentous discovery, a grand cultural revelation.

says Bevis Hilllier

Elgarado! How I Cracked Elgar’s Enigma, is published on 3 September 2020 by Secret Genius,
ISBN: 978-1-5272-6757-2. £15 + p&p.

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Published on 3rd September 2020